White House Dems using immigration as emotional divisive political play

A top White House official on Tuesday accused Democrats of highlighting the separation of families at the border as a way to score points for the midterm elections.

Mercedes Schlapp, White House director of strategic communications, said even Democrats like Hillary Clinton were saying years ago that the U.S. border has to be protected.

"Now all of the sudden, these Democrats want to use this issue of immigration as an emotional, divisive, political play as they're entering into the midterm election, which is incredibly irresponsible," Schlapp said on Fox News.

Democrats have spent the last few weeks arguing that the separation of children from their families at the border is cruel and is something Trump could reverse. But the Trump administration has said it needs to enforce border laws, which currently don't allow for the lengthy detention of children.

For that reason, officials say, children are being separated from their parents or guardians while the adults are being prosecuted for illegally crossing into the United States. But Schlapp said Trump is willing to work with Democrats to change the law so family separation can be reduced.

"President Trump since last year has been proposing real immigration reform that will close the legal loopholes that will end these family separations, that will ensure that we secure our border," she said.

"We have to understand that these families that are separated, it is for a limited period of time ... five to 10 days," she added. "It is because if you come in and cross the border, it is a crime, and so the illegal immigrant who is the adult will have to be prosecuted."



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Trumps approval rating just reached its highest level yet in the gold standard of presidential indicators

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President Donald Trump's approval rating is at an all-time high of 45% in the Gallup weekly tracking poll. And his disapproval rating has hit a near-low of 50%. His current approval rating at his point in his presidency lines up with the ratings of other presidents at similar points in their first terms.  His new spike in approval could take a hit due to the backlash against the administration's controversial policy that has led to separating families at the border. 

President Donald Trump's approval rating has reached an all-time high of 45% in a Gallup poll released on Sunday. 

Gallup, considered the gold standard of gauging approval ratings, polls a representative sample size of 1,500 Americans by telephone every week, with a margin of error of plus-or-minus 3 percentage points. 

Trump's disapproval rating is currently at 50%, the second-lowest point it's been since the very beginning of his first term in January 2017. His disapproval ratings have been as high as 60% in previous months.

Trump's current approval rating 513 days into his presidency is on par with the approval ratings of other presidents at similar points in their first terms. President Barack Obama's approval rating was 45% at day 523 of his presidency, and former President Bill Clinton held 44% approval on day 524.   

Data analyst and FiveThirtyEight founder Nate Silver theorized that Trump's sudden spike in approval ratings this week is most likely due to the positive reaction among Republicans to the summit with North Korea's Kim Jong-un.

Silver said that temporary increase would disappear in the coming weeks, as the Trump administration faces mounting backlash from Democrats and Republicans alike over it's controversial "zero-tolerance" policy that has led to the separation of parents and children at the US border. 

A Quinnipiac University poll from Monday found that Americans oppose the border separation policy 66% to 27%. The majority of Republicans support it, but by a narrow margin of 55% to 35%. 

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Ex-Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort Jailed After New Mueller Indictment

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Manafort is accused of witness tampering.

Paul Manafort, President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, was ordered jailed by a federal judge on Friday after being arraigned on a new charge of witness tampering.

“I cannot turn a blind eye to this,” Judge Amy Berman Jackson said, according to NBC News. 

According to multiple reporters in the courtroom, Manafort — who has been under house arrest in Virginia since October — was taken into custody immediately after the judge’s ruling. He will remain in custody until his trial, which is expected to begin in early September. 

Special counsel Robert Mueller secured an indictment earlier this month saying Manafort attempted to reach witnesses with an encrypted messaging program while he was awaiting trial in an attempt to “suborn perjury,” according to one of those witnesses. 

Prosecutor Greg Andres said Friday that Manafort also used a tactic called “foldering” to secretly communicate with people:

Marshall Cohen ✔@MarshallCohen

Prosecutors said Manafort used a method called "foldering" to covertly talk to people. It's not that complicated: He made an email account and shared the password. He wrote messages but saved them as drafts, never sending actual emails. Other guys open the draft, read it, delete.

12:53 PM - Jun 15, 2018

Manafort pleaded not guilty to those charges, and his attorneys argued that the judge could take other steps aside from jailing their client to cease any improper contact, such as issuing an order specifically barring Manafort from contacting potential witnesses. 

Jackson, however, disagreed. 

“This isn’t middle school, I can’t take your phone,” she said. 

She also dismissed

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