Trump comments throw immigration reform vote into doubt

House Republicans have hit the pause button on a plan to vote on immigration reform next week after President Trump warned he “wouldn’t sign the more moderate one.”

Republican leaders said they expect the White House to clarify whether Trump was referring to a bill authored by Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and in concert with White House officials, that would incorporate the “four pillars” of Trump’s own immigration reform plan.

Republicans planned to put the bill on the floor for a vote next week. But now next week’s schedule is unclear.

The weekly schedule announcement was canceled Friday and Republicans say they won’t move the bill if Trump indeed opposes it. And he might.

Trump had long been in favor of a competing and more conservative bill authored by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., that will also get a floor vote this month. Goodlatte is in the process of tweaking his bill to remove provisions that some conservatives oppose.

And while the Ryan compromise bill includes more than $16 billion for a border wall — a top priority for Trump — the funding is spread out over many years and not provided all at once.

The Goodlatte bill, however, authorizes building a border wall but does not specifically provide money.

Both bills legalize "Dreamers" who came here illegally as children. The Ryan compromise bill provides an easier pathway to citizenship but both bills include a pathway. The Goodlatte bill reduces immigration overall by about 25 percent annually.

A Goodlatte spokesperson has not responded to a request about the status of Goodlatte’s bill or whether he has been in contact with Trump.
Trump made the remarks during an impromptu Friday morning appearance on "Fox and Friends.


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Putting America First Has Made USA No 1

The left is quickly running out of excuses for why Donald Trump's economic policies have caused a boom rather than the bust that they predicted with such great certainty.

Last year, when the U.S. economy began to percolate with faster growth, the media and other Trump haters argued that this simply reflected a pickup in worldwide growth: Trump was riding the wave of what economists were calling "synchronized growth."

But now what do they have to say? The latest indicators are that, as a Wall Street Journal headline reported on June 3: "Global Economic-Growth Story Fades." Japan's growth rate is estimated to have slowed to slightly negative in the first quarter. The European Union was at an anemic 0.4 percent. The pace of global growth is expected to be much slower over the next two years, according to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

Then there is the outlier: the United States. Here at home, growth is sizzling. Almost all economists now predict a growth rate of above 4 percent for the second quarter of 2018, and Dan Clifton of Strategas, one of the best forecasters of recent times, believes we may hit 5 percent later this year. He points to the surge of investment capital flowing into the United States and how the increased business spending points to several more quarters of this torrid growth. Meanwhile, the rest of the world treads water.

So much for synchronized swimming.

Then there is the argument that Trump's policies have nothing to do with the American prosperity burst. Politico's economics reporter recently published a column insisting that the "GOP tax cut is not why (the) economy is booming." He contemptuously added, "Economist are rolling their eyes at candidates' claims (that Trump's policies inspired faster growth)." Which economists?

As it happens, this is the same gang that was dead wrong about the likelihood of growth in the first place. Now they argue that the tax cuts are just kicking in and can't account for the increased economic activity. But this ignores the anticipatory effect: Businesses are anticipating the tax bill's lower rates on their profits and investments and making decisions accordingly.

Whatever the cause, it is undeniable that America has a new spring in its step. After a decade of malaise, the American economy is the envy of the world today. A rec

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Trump Aide Larry Kudlow Hospitalized After Heart Attack

Image result for larry kudlow

Trump named the former conservative commentator to lead the National Economic Council in March.

White House chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow has been hospitalized after suffering a heart attack on Monday, according to a tweet from President Donald Trump. 

The former conservative commentator, whom Trump named to lead the National Economic Council in March, was sent to Walter Reed Medical Center.

Donald J. Trump ✔@realDonaldTrump

Our Great Larry Kudlow, who has been working so hard on trade and the economy, has just suffered a heart attack. He is now in Walter Reed Medical Center.

8:35 PM - Jun 11, 2018 28.6K



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