Republican Group Urges Congress To Act Against Trump In Stunning New Ad

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A GOP organization accuses the president of violating his oath and says “the remedy” is for Congress to act.

A Republican group has created a TV ad that urges House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and the rest of Congress to act against President Donald Trump. 

Former Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol tweeted the footage on Thursday  from Republicans for the Rule of Law, an organization in which he is a director:

Bill Kristol ✔@BillKristol

This ad from Republicans for the Rule of Law airs tomorrow. Our elected officials all take an oath to defend the Constitution. It may be hopeless to ask the president to honor his. But Congress?

  5:30 PM - Jun 13, 2019

The ad’s release comes days after Trump said in an interview with ABC News that he would accept dirt on his political opponents from foreign 

The Republicans for the Rule of Law spot doesn’t call for a specific action other than to “protect our elections.” However, in a statement earlier this week, the organization said the government must protect its citizens from foreign threats.

“If the president shirks his responsibility with one eye on his personal gain, Congress needs to use its full powers ― investigative and legislative ― to protect the country,” the organization said. 

Also on Thursday, Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) tried to pass a bill via unanimous consent that would require political campaigns to report offers of foreign assistance to the FBI. The bill failed when Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) objected.

Kristol did not say where the ad would run, but at least some previous spots from the organization have aired on Fox News. 



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He Cant Help Himself Joe Biden Plagiarizes Disgraced Michael Avenatti During Iowa Speech

Joe Biden just can't seem to help himself when it comes to inappropriately quoting other people. First it was in law school, then it was his first presidential campaign. Most recently, his campaign plagiarized portions of his new climate platform. But, Tuesday during his campaign stop in Iowa, Biden was once again demonstrated his lack of originality.

Former Vice President Joe Biden was applauded Tuesday by Democrats in Iowa when he slammed President Trump with his own twist on the president’s famous campaign slogan.

“He says, ‘let's make America great again,’” Biden said of Trump in Ottumwa. “Let's make America America again.”

Turns out, that’s not the first time voters have heard that line: Michael Avenatti, the anti-Trump lawyer who briefly promoted a possible Democratic presidential run of his own this year before being indicted on multiple charges, repeatedly used that same slogan in public remarks as he pushed back against Trump.

Avenatti most recently used the line – in endorsing Biden for president in April.

“I am extremely happy that @JoeBiden has decided to enter the race,” Avenatti tweeted at the time. “He offers Dems the very best chance in 2020, especially in key states. He has the fight, intelligence and fortitude to beat Trump and begin to make America, America again. He has my enthusiastic support."

He also used the line during a 2018 BBC interview, prompting Newsweek to ask in a headline if the “make America America again” line would be Avenatti’s campaign slogan.

"I'm here to send a loud and clear message that there are millions of Americans that want to make America America again," Avenatti said last year in London.

Avenatti also tweeted the line in 2018, saying, “We must fight fire with fire and we must send a message that we will fight to make America America again.”

And Avenatti used it as the closing line in his speech at the Iowa Wing Day dinner in August 2018, saying, “above all else, we will make America America again.”

The line does not appear to be included of the prepared remarks leaked to The Hill Tuesday mor

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Pence says it was right decision to prohibit flying LGBT rainbow flag outside US embassies

Vice President Pence on Monday defended the State Department's decision to bar U.S. embassies from flying rainbow flags on their flagpoles during LGBT Pride Month, saying that it was the "right" move. 

Pence acknowledged in an interview with NBC News that he was aware that the State Department had "indicated" that the American flag should be the only flag flying on U.S. embassies' flagpoles. He added that he supported the move. 

Asked whether the move ran counter to Trump's expressed support for LGBT Pride Month, Pence said that he and the president were "proud to be able to serve every American." 

"We both feel that way very passionately, but when it comes to the American flagpole and American embassies and capitals around the world, having the one American flag fly is the right decision," he said, adding that the Trump administration had administered no other restrictions regarding flags or displays at U.S. embassies. 

NBC News first reported last week that the Trump administration had rejected requests from at least four U.S. embassies to fly rainbow pride flags during the month of June. Israel, Germany, Brazil and Latvia were among the countries that reportedly received denials. 

Some U.S. diplomats responded to the rejections by displaying the LGBT pride flag in different settings. For example, diplomatic missions in Seoul, South Korea, and Chennai, India, sent out press releases and videos showing the flag hanging outside their respective buildings.

The Washington Post noted that other embassies opted to display the rainbow flag on building facades. 

State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus explained the administration's position on Monday, saying that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo believed only American flags should be flown on the flagpoles outside embassies. 

“Pride Month that we’re in right now is celebrated around the world by many State Department employees, by many embassies,” Ortagus said in a press briefing. “The secretary has the position that, as it relates to the flagpole, that only the American flag should be flown there.”

The Trump administration po

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Kushner Firm’s Reported 90 Million In Secret Foreign Investments Riles Ethics Experts

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